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Business Management Courses India, Business Management Colleges The WLCI Business School was established in 1996 when the Indian economy was just beginning to go global. The Business School was initially set up to conduct executive programmes for middle level managers in the industry. The Faculty too was drawn from the top echelons of the industry. This was an innovation in the field of education which was tradition-bound and isolated from the industry. Our teaching methodology, professional faculty and the course structure was at that time acknowledged by both the Industry and students as far superior to that of many leading business schools.

Since then, the WLC Business School has grown from strength to strength and is today one of the largest and best organized business schools in the country offering students both undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Business with specialization in Marketing, Finance and Human Resources. The curricula, teaching methodology, academic infrastructure and processes and systems that are used to train students have been upgraded and enhanced with every passing year. The level of interaction with the Industry too has increased by leaps and bounds. Today, WLC College qualifications are accepted at par with or are considered even better than many top business schools in the country and abroad. WLCI recognizes that the Industry requires a large number of trained professionals who have specific knowledge and relevant skills to work in a global environment. Over the years, the Business School has built excellent working relationships with over 150 corporate organizations all over India. This is a symbiotic relationship that benefits all - the College, the Industry and you. It ensures a three-fold advantage - that what we teach you is always relevant and current; that the industry gets well- trained professionals and that you find excellent placements on completion of your programme.

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