Part Time Programmes

In today's diverse workplace, Professional Education must achieve specific results. Whether you are looking for skill building, career development, or simply self-improvement, WLCI's Part Time programmes allow you to excel in a career of your choice.

These programmes are designed to address and fulfill certain requirements of individuals and employers. In fact, these specialized courses are formulated to match the specific objectives of the Industry.
WLCI's Part Time programmes are the optimal learning choice for individuals. Each course enables individuals to learn proven, relevant new skills. The training methodology ensures that classroom learning experiences into workplace performance.

The programmes are delivered through classroom or virtual classroom training and physical classroom delivery. The online platform is complete with features like online tests, live classes, library resources and offers vast networking opportunities.

After one or more of these highly specialized courses, new job seekers find employment easier because of their wide acceptability in the Industry, working professionals stand a better chance of jumping to higher-level positions and the self-employed can expect to multiply their earnings by making commercial use of skills gained at the college.
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